Price List



9 minutes $15

12 minutes $21

15 minutes $25

18 minutes $29


60 minutes $85

120 minutes $155

240 minutes $275


Full Body $45

Half Body $25

School Ball $25

Muscle Competition Tan

1 Coat $55

2 Coats $95

Bridal Tan

brides receives free tan with 2 or more bridesmaids booked in


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Every spray tan is performed by hand. Our technicians are trained spray tanning experts, who will customize your tan specifically to your skin type & needs.

Rapid 2 hour

Rapid 2 hour is a professional salon quality sunless tanning (spray tanning) that develops much quicker than other tans.

Rapid 2 hour is rich in hydrating ingredients
to ensure a long lasting tan, with proper care you can expect 7 to 10 days of beautiful tanned skin, and forget patchy fading. Suitable for all clients and skin types. Rapid 2 hour
is a unique product because it allows the customer to customize the depth and darkness of the tan, simply leave it on for 2 hours for gorgeous subtle tan or leave
it on longer (up to 6 hours) to achieve a richer darker tan.


Twice The Tan

In Half The Time

The UV portion of mid-day summer sunlight is made up of about 95% UVA light and 5% UVB light. The majority of tanning lamps in sunbeds emit essentially the same mixture, but with higher intensity, usually 2-3 times more intense. That's why professional tanning salons control the duration of your exposure – short sessions that typically only last a few minutes – based on the UV output of the sunbed and your individual skin type and tanning history. Generally, the higher the intensity of a sunbed, the shorter the session .Relax while you Tan

Whether you want that “just off the beach” look or a light sun-kissed glow, you can trust The Tanning Experts at Body Bronze Tanning to help you find your perfect shade

Free Sunbed Trial


Come instore or call our Salon on 09 2636628 and talk to our friendly staff

about your Free Sunbed Trial

Sunbed Skin Care


There’s no reason not to keep a golden glow year-round with today’s tanning accelerators.

Formulated mainly for use with indoor tanning sunbeds.

Tanning lotions are designed to rapidly decrease the amount of time it takes
to achieve a sun-kissed tan.

 Your skin will love the natural moisturizing benefits of our mix of Fiesta Sun fruity scentsations.

The benefits of Golden Coconut oil, Shea Butter,
Monoi de Tahiti & natural Vera will help provide a perfect boost for a younger, more radiant glow.

  ….. It’s all about the base….