Body Bronze Air Brushed

Spray Tan

Every spray tan is performed by hand. Our technicians are trained spray tanning experts, who will customize your tan specifically to your skin type & needs.

Rapid 1 hour

Rapid 1 hour is a professional salon quality sunless tanning (spray tanning) that develops much quicker than other tans (1 – 4 hours).Rapid 1 hour is rich in hydrating ingredients
to ensure a long lasting tan, with proper care you can expect 7 to 10 days of beautiful tanned skin, and forget patchy fading. Suitable for all clients and skin types rapid 1 hour
is a unique product because it allows the customer to customise the depth and darkness of the tan, simply leave it on for 1 hour for gorgeous subtle tan or leave
it on longer (up to 4 hours) to achieve a richer darker tan.

Body Bronze Auckland - Professional Tanning Salon

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